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Developer Relations

We provide the infrastructure in which developer communities can grow sustainably

Programming for all

We collaborate to create a learning culture within communities and companies

Innovation as a Service

We support modern businesses to achieve their innovation goals by creating roadmaps and delivering high efficiency software.

Our Programs

Decoded Co-working

Shaping the future of work

Book a space with your team and take your startup or project to the next level. Our co-working space creates a community of passionate entrepreneurs and developers eager to make a difference on the continent. It's a productive, well lit and spacious environment with reliable and high-speed internet.


Decoded Community

Driving sustainable communities

We provide developer communities with the infrastructure, organization and direction, and mentorship needed to grow successfully. Through Decoded Community, we host meetups, hackathons, fireside chats, learning paths and more.

Decoded Consulting

Guiding your company to new heights of innovation

Consulting and collaborating with engineering-focused companies to create roadmaps to upskill their internal engineering capacity and creating a continuous learning environment within companies. We offer developer relations and software engineering as a service.

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About Us

Democratized Code Education for Africa

Decoded is a home for the developer ecosystem in Africa. We’re a Pan-African technology company that is building the developer economy on the continent by providing democratic access to technology education for all, and a safe space that developer communities can leverage on to learn, build and scale sustainable solutions.


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